The Romance Turn

Palma de Mallorca

18-20 September 2014


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The Workshop on the Acquisition of Syntax of Romance Languages intends to gather people working on the acquisition of language from a generative perspective. All topics on the fields of first, second and impaired language acquisition from a generative perspective are usually considered. This edition is open to proposals on syntax and phonology.  Usually the local organizers of every edition publish a collection based primarily on papers from the workshop. Papers are selected on the basis of blind-refereing and their contribution to specific themes of particular interest arising from the workshop. If you want to propose an edition of the Romance Turn, you can contact Vicenç Torrens (

The next edition of the romance turn will take place Venice in 2015, and will be organized by Anna Cardinaletti at Università Ca'Foscari Venezia.


Plenary Speakers:

Harald Clahsen (Potsdam University)

Heather Goad (MC Gill University)

Itziar Laka (University of the Basque Country)



Vicenç Torrens (U.N.E.D.)



María Arche, Sergio Baauw, Anna Cardinaletti, João Costa, Linda Escobar, Anna Gavarró, Pedro Guijarro, Philippe Prévost